After my sermon Sunday, lots of people asked for a copy of my 10 Daily Affirmations. Here’s what I said about how I’m renewing my mind and here’s my list. I hope you’ll create a similar list too…

Do you have a strategy to fill your heart with hope? Feeling hopeful is not easy and not natural. I don’t wake up everyday filled with hope. This is why we must immerse ourselves in the Bible, the word of God, the source of hope, every morning. This is why we cry out to God in prayer, asking him to fill us with hope. This is why we remind ourselves of who we are in Christ, we remind ourselves of what Jesus did for us, we remind ourselves of the Gospel, we preach to ourselves about this living hope. One of the things I’ve been doing this year is reading out loud a list of daily affirmations in the morning. I prayerfully created this list as a way for me to renew my mind. I say:

  • I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God!
  • I will fight for my marriage today by loving and serving Missy.
  • I will fight for the hearts of my children by loving, disciplining and praying for them.
  • I will pursue holiness by running from sin and clinging to God.
  • I will walk in the power of the Holy Spirit today.
  • I will love God and love my neighbor well today.
  • I will do something today that takes great faith and trust in a big God.
  • I will serve someone today with no strings attached.
  • I will take care of my soul, body, spirit and mind by feeding them with good things.
  • I will do ministry out of the overflow of my relationship with God.

That’s what I’m doing to start the day with hope. What about you?

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